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How To Add Open Graph Protocol For Drupal 8 Website

May 09, 2017
In today's Drupal tutorial series I will write down my notes, how to add open graph protocol for Drupal 8 website.  The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as...

How To Add a Default Image For Drupal Open Graph When Picture Is Not Provided

April 12, 2015
In this Drupal tutorial I will show how one (perhaps you) can add a default image for Open Graph to be used in case no image has been attached to a node. Open Graph functionality for Drupal is handled by by Metatag module. Make sure you have downloaded and enabled this module.Open Graph is protocol used to pass meta...

How to add Open Graph protocol for your Drupal site

August 31, 2014
Open Graph is protocol used to pass meta data to Facebook, and not only. I will not dig deeper in details about protocol itself, you can find more here: Today I'm willing to share my knowledge, how you can use Open Graph protocol on your Drupal site, and be a super cool on Facebook.By default...

Best spent $ 5 this year

December 25, 2013
I have previous already wrote, how to gain more fans for your Facebook fan page, using paid options on Facebook. Today, I'm willing to share my joy - how to get more visitors to your site starting just $5. Facebook boost: This es example screen for page I ran. Results of Estimated people you can reach, may...