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Anker Hostel in Oslo

Think hostels are cheap? Think twice. Anker hostel officially is the most expensive hostel I have stayed so far, and there is no surprise about that. Located in Oslo, one of the most expensive cities in the World (yes, I know one of the best salaries as well), you should expect to pay about USD 100 for a hotel and remember - linens are not included. You can get linen for additional about USD 10 price. We were returning from Malaga to Riga, through Oslo, and had to spend one night in Norway....

Oslo Bus Terminal

Oslo Bus Terminal was our second stop from our first time short trip to Norway,we arrived here from Moss Airport, Rygge, in June, 2016 and left back from the same terminal to airport in the next morning. Oslo Bus Terminal  is the main bus station serving Oslo, Norway. Owned by Vaterland AS it is located beside Oslo Central Station and serves local buses to Akershus as well as domestic and international coaches. Oslo Bus Terminal...