PAUL Depuis 1889

Paul French Restaurant on Paliashvili street (near Vake Park in Tbilisi)


There is a lovely French restaurant and bakery located on Paliashvili Street near Vake Park in Tbilisi. We keep heading here for delicious French-style desserts and one of my favorite vegetable soups. We come here occasionally, after visiting Vake Park or during the lunch break at the office nearby.  There are several Paul Restaurants located…

PAUL Depuis 1889 Bakery & Restaurant in Tbilisi


I'm glad seeing more good dinning places and restaurants popping up in Tbilisi, there is huge demand for a good place, and worldwide known French Paul bakery & restaurant brand seems have made a good decision opening a branch in Tbilisi on Abashidze street. At Paul bakery you could get freshly baked bread and other French pastry goodies,in…