Paul French Restaurant on Paliashvili street (near Vake Park in Tbilisi)

  • The Paul Restaurant and bakery on Paliashvili Street near Vake Park is a great spot for French-style desserts and tasty vegetable soup.
  • The restaurant is conveniently located near Vake Park and is a good option for a lunch break if you work in the nearby office.
  • There are several Paul Restaurants throughout the city, so it's worth checking out other locations too

There is a lovely French restaurant and bakery located on Paliashvili Street near Vake Park in Tbilisi. We keep heading here for delicious French-style desserts and one of my favorite vegetable soups.

We come here occasionally, after visiting Vake Park or during the lunch break at the office nearby. 

There are several Paul Restaurants located across the city, check out my previous review about Paul restaurant on Abashidze Street

Pot of tea

Latelty we hae started ordering more tea's in the pot. Kiddo loves them. they have berry teas available. Quite a rare in Tbilisi.

Vegetable soup

Being vegeterian for some time already I keep looking for good cuisine. Vegetable soup is something i like, and the one at Pauls restaurants is tasty. 

Avocado salmon toast

There is aleays something interesting at the Paul's restaurants. Avovado / salmon toat with cream cheese on rye bread. Just delicious and healthy.

Paul is one of the finest dining places in Tbilisi. Highly recommended!

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