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How Amazon Associates Receives Their Checks in Republic of Georgia - Part 4 - Bank Commission Fees

24 February, 2015 seen 1,302
Welcome to fourth and final part of my blog series on how Amazon Associates receives and redeems their checks in Republic of Georgia (South Caucasus). How participants of Amazon Associates program are getting paid in the Republic of…

My Savings Report January 2015 - GEL Loses It's Value Against USD For 14% Since September

2 February, 2015 seen 1,102
A time ago, in September 2014, I started to save some money, I was so eager to save money, that I even started a new category on my blog - 'Savings Reports'. 4 months from my first, and yet latest, Savings report have passed, back then in…

ProCredit Bank Georgia will use Toyota Hybrid cars

14 December, 2014 seen 1,393
Checking my internet bank for savings report I found an article informing that ProCredit bank Georgia has bought 10 hybrid Toyota cars and starting now they will be used in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi.I guess it won't impact much my…

How Amazon Affiliates get paid in Republic of Georgia - Part 1

5 November, 2014 seen 2,210
How participants of Amazon Associates program are getting paid in the Republic of Georgia by a bank check is a blog series I originally made at the end of 2014 / start of 2015 while struggling to redeem my first bank check issued by Amazon…

Boosting Your Financial Future: How to Open a Savings Account in Georgia with ProCredit Bank (2014)

27 September, 2014 seen 3,053
For many years, I have been envisioning how to optimize my personal finances. Despite my aspirations, I have never established a savings account. However, I have decided to rectify this situation. A savings account serves as a secure…

Opening a Bank Account in Republic of Georgia

29 July, 2014 seen 12,542
In this article, I'm sharing notes on how I opened a bank account at ProCredit Georgia Bank back in 2014. Since I originally wrote this article, I have opened several additional bank accounts in Georgia - at Bank Republic for check…

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