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Rafting in Georgia - The Black and White Beauty - Aragvi

July 30, 2017
According to the accepted standards Georgia is associated with high and spiky mountains that plough the skies and try to reach the sun with their lofty heads. The landscape creates the feeling of the high-rise sky that seems to be somewhere far-far away. It is also one of the reasons why even during the summertime it...

Rafting in Georgia - Khertvisi - Aspindza - Borjomi

July 14, 2014
Some time ago we find some offer on Facebook offering rafting tour in Georgia for 2 days - on Mtkvari river. Tour included raft, safety wests, oars, overnight in tents. It sounded pretty good, and we decided to claim this offer. Said - done! Our rafting tour started Saturday morning from Tbilisi (minibuss waited...