January 2014 - Blog Income Report $8.37


Welcome to the first online income report of website. My blog now is about 4 months old, and starting in January I decided to experiment - can a blogger earn any decent income from blogging, I decided to make public my online success or failures. I have been active online since 2005, it's almost 10 years now. But my online income was and still is relatively low. In a matter of 5 years, I have earned Google AdSense a lit bit more than $100. But I'm willing to change that…

From 5 Daily Visitors to 1114: The Impact of One Reddit Comment (2014)


My blog recently saw its first significant surge in traffic, going from an average of 5 daily visitors to an impressive 1114 in just two days. So what caused this sudden growth? One of my earliest blog posts, entitled "Ukraine vs Poland GDP 1990-2012", was published on October 10th, 2013. Although it received a few Google searches over the following months, it wasn't until January 24th that I noticed a significant spike in traffic. The cause of this sudden increase was traced back to a…