From 5 Daily Visitors to 1114: The Impact of One Reddit Comment (2014)

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My blog recently saw its first significant surge in traffic, going from an average of 5 daily visitors to an impressive 1114 in just two days. So what caused this sudden growth?

One of my earliest blog posts, entitled "Ukraine vs Poland GDP 1990-2012", was published on October 10th, 2013. Although it received a few Google searches over the following months, it wasn't until January 24th that I noticed a significant spike in traffic.

The cause of this sudden increase was traced back to a single comment on Reddit.

However, the story doesn't end there. I had implemented Google AdSense on my blog some time ago, but after witnessing the traffic boost, I checked my AdSense stats only to find that only two links had been clicked. This was a major disappointment.

Adding to my disappointment was the fact that I had removed social share buttons from my site, so no one had the opportunity to share the link and increase its exposure even further.

In light of these lessons learned, I plan to optimize my use of Google AdSense and re-add social share buttons to my site. I eagerly await another opportunity for my blog to experience a traffic spike.