rock garden

Rock Garden Extended


It was at the start of the September (2016) - we were finishing wall replacement works and already had installed first bearing beams, there were still some things left on home remodeling works, but all the major tasks were done, and everything was done to preserve house for the winter (as we will be absent) It was good day to spend some hours in…

First plants for Rock Garden


Last summer we not only concreted a lot and demolished walls, but planted some plants and trees in the surrounding territory.  See: Planting an Apple Tree (Doch Melbi / Daughter Melbi / Дочь Мелбы) After we shaped a little bit our rock garden it was time to plant first plants. First plants at rock garden For the record - thyme and rosemary

Shaping Rock Garden


It was on the same day when guys and I demolished walls and poured in concrete for home foundation, while the better part of me, decided to shape a little bit rock garden we recently formed from stones used at cowshed's foundation, during pond excavation works. See: Building a Rock Garden and Pond Digging - Part 3 - The Result The idea was simple…

A Perfect Harmony


It was on a still and tranquil evening after a hard work day on home remodeling - for the record, today was one of the toughest days in my constructors career as we faced some really though obstacles to overcome. More about that, learn in this article: Fall Through The Ceiling, Dig a Trench Around Foundations, Stone Wall Concreting In the…

Mushrooms in backyard


The other day my aunt visited us at our country house, we spent some lovely time together, and while somewhere in the woods near Akmenrags lighthouse we hunted for chanterelle fungi, should I mention we found just enough to make a barely pan of sauce?  The day my aunt left, my better part went for mushrooms again, this time at our backyard:…

Cats on The Rocks


Recently I featured a post about how we built a rock garden in the front of our country house. I reported a lovely sunset just shortly. In today's Piece of Life series - little creatures who enjoys the most of our new rock garden. Meet our lovely cats Tiger and Richard. Cat on the rock A nice observation place for planing an attack on...birds…

Red Sunset in our Rock Garden - Cool Evening Mood


This Summer spoiled us with a lovely sunsets, but one of the most empathic had been observed  in front of our house at rock garden.  Red/Orange Sunset at Rock Garden See how we built this rock garden a few days ago. Country house during sunset There is still a lot of to do, and it will require a huge investment to completely remodel/…

Gravel for road surface and rock garden


The other day I first met with one of our closet neighbors, he approached me and told me, that in couple of days he will cover road (we are sharing together) with a gravel. I already mentioned it in my previous post about pond works.  I asked what kind of gravel does he is using for road surface, and decided it would be a good idea to have a…

Building a Rock Garden


Today we made a rock garden from scratch, well almost. The thing is - idea to have a rock garden have always been in our minds, but we hadn't yet figured out how to solve the biggest question - rocks. We had already idea of place were rock garden will be situated (in front of house, were use to had been a dump - see: The Big Spring Territory…