Shaping Rock Garden

Updated: 10 February, 2022 seen 96

It was on the same day when guys and I demolished walls and poured in concrete for home foundation, while the better part of me, decided to shape a little bit rock garden we recently formed from stones used at cowshed's foundation, during pond excavation works. See: Building a Rock Garden and Pond Digging - Part 3 - The Result

The idea was simple, we are looking to plant some flowers and plants into rock garden, we should make a good soil there, and also we should give some shape and trails inside, so we could enjoy our evening coffee's while sitting on the rocks and watching amazing sunsets, probably playing with cats. See: Red Sunset in our Rock Garden - Cool Evening Mood and Cats on The Rocks

We agreed to lay film on the ground and at some of the parts of rock garden add gravel (the same we are using for concrete) while in other parts (flowers and plants) the soil from pond. It was just a matter of some 50 wheelbarrows (both gravel and soil) and we got something like this:

Gravel for rock garden

Gravel for rock garden

Smaller stones are used to shape outer borders of rock garden. For the record, in Spring we still had a large dump here consisting from old TV screens, see: The Big Spring Territory Cleanup

View towards house from rock garden

View towards house from rock garden

Yup, someone will need cut grass here, see: Edward The Brushcutter AW-BC620TH Trimmer


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