Scythe VS String Trimmer (Then and Now)


About a year ago I had a chance to try out an old school tool called a scythe (back at these days, all I had at our newly inherited rural house). The grass were growing as crazy as it could, and I was left with no other option as to use what I have to fight back. My fight with grass have been personal already. A scythe was fun, but way to exhausting and for unprofessional not the best solution. Soon I started to rent a string trimmer, and even hired a trimmer dudes to do trimming for me. For…

Lawn Mowing with a Scythe


Welcome to the second post in home remodeling series, today I will write about thing called - lawn mowing (I prefer using word grass) with a tool called scythe. It has been a while before my first post about our new property - a house, a really bad managed house we inherited. The thing why it took us so long is - it took us some 2 months to decide - will we seriously do anything with this house or probably let's just leave as it is and come back to Georgia or any other destination in the World…