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Blog statistics July 2014


<p>Month of July was really great in terms of website statistics, compared to previous month. My blog traffic experienced <strong>49.43% growth</strong> and at the end of month resulted in <strong>2228 unique users</strong>. I managed to attract <strong>737 new unique</strong> visitors to my blog compared with <a href="; target="_blank">my blog statistics in month of…

Is your website traffic down on weekends?


<p>If you have a website and you are using some analytic tools, you might seen that at weekends your website traffic is down.</p><p>For example my<em> "worst"</em> day is Saturday.</p><p><img src="…; width="1026" height="257"></p><p><em>At the above image you can see - with <strong>red line</strong> I have marked…