Blog statistics July 2014

<p>Month of July was really great in terms of website statistics, compared to previous month. My blog traffic experienced <strong>49.43% growth</strong> and at the end of month resulted in <strong>2228 unique users</strong>. I managed to attract <strong>737 new unique</strong> visitors to my blog compared with <a href="; target="_blank">my blog statistics in month of June</a>.</p><p><img src="; alt="My Blog stats July 2014" title="My Blog stats July 2014" width="1006" height="395"></p><p><em>My Blog stats July 2014 (Data source: Google Analytics)</em></p><p>2228 unique visitors in a month makes average <strong>71.8 unique visitors in a day</strong>, what is up by &nbsp;22.17 visitors in a day compared with my average day visitor count in previous month (49.7).</p><ul><li>I had 5 days having more than 100 unique visitors &nbsp;- the most I had in one day - 227 unique visitors.</li><li>The least visitors I had in weekends. In day I got the least visitors - I get 35 unique visitors.</li><li><a href="; target="_blank">Actually I have doubled my traffic compared with month of May</a> - so far it feels awesome.</li></ul><p>To get better results from organic traffic last month I boosted my average article length, by setting <a href="">minimum 400 words per article</a> - I made a 36 posts with average 738 words per article. This is awesome. In total I have written <strong>more than 25K words</strong> last month (again personal record).</p><h2>Power of Social Media</h2><p>I have setup my social accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Last month I focused just on Twitter and Google+. Social network sites generated me <strong>25.84% of total unique users</strong>. It's up from 19.64% in month of June. Here is the breakdown for each of them:</p><ul><li>Facebook: 259 (up from 46 last month)</li><li>Twitter: 249 (up from 184 last month)</li><li>Google+: 12 (down from 20 last month)</li><li>Pinterest: 6 (down from 36 last month)</li></ul><p>Although I didn't performed much activities on Facebook (all my blog posts are synced with Facebook Bussines Page) - Facebook turned out to be N1 Social Network this site. Post about GDP per Capita in European Union, kinda went viral. Well I wouldn't call this viral - because it didn't sent me 10K traffic, but it was one of the most shared/liked posts from Sweden and Denmark (I guess Sweds and Danes are proud of beeing the richest nations in European Union?!)</p><p>In fact it turns out - while I was using Twitter to drive traffic, seems that some Twitter user has shared that post on his wall on Facebook, and that was enough to make FB as Nr1 Social Network last month.</p><p>I don't mind at all. Acutally this month I'm planing to increase my Twitter activities to drive at least 500 unique Twitter user to my site (in case I will lose Facebook users - I will break even or if things will go as last month - there could happen more FB likes and shares as well</p><h2>Power of organic search</h2><p>I'm talking of Google ofcourse. Google search traffic still dominates my blog traffic, but last month it decreased to 58.63% (down from 63.24% in previous month). Althoug total share from organic search decreased, in overall traffic from Google increased by pretty serious 38.53%.</p><p>Speaking of this I have ambivalent feelings - first - I'm glad I'm less dependant on Google, in last two month I have decreased Google users from 84% of total traffic share to 58% ( it's about 26% decrease). At second - I'm willing to have more organic search users, because it seems they convert better both for affiliate marketing and Google Adsense ads (yes I'm macking few bucks from such a modest traffic already).</p><p>Honestly speaking I'm pretty satisfied with things they are now - some 60% Google, 25% Social, 15% other (Have no idea about that others).&nbsp;</p><h2>Popular posts</h2><ul><li class="page-header"><a href="">GDP Per Capita in European Union 2013</a>&nbsp;(8.13%)</li><li class="page-header"><a href="… Flex Slider gallery with thumbnails</a>&nbsp;(5.87%)</li><li class="page-header"><a href="">Ukraine vs Poland by GDP 1990-2012</a>&nbsp;(3.14%)</li><li class="page-header"><a href="… hover effects - how to change background on mouse over</a>&nbsp;(2.41%)</li><li class="page-header"><a href="">Related nodes based on taxonomy terms</a>&nbsp;(1.78%)</li><li class="page-header"><a href="… in Georgia - Khertvisi - Aspindza - Borjomi</a>&nbsp;(1.7%)</li><li class="page-header"><a href="">How I went from 50 to 5000 followers on Twitter</a>&nbsp;(1.63%)</li><li class="page-header"><a href="">My online income report - June 2014</a>&nbsp;(1.53%)</li><li class="page-header"><a href="… to automatically add watermarks to uploaded images</a>&nbsp;(1.31%)</li><li class="page-header"><a href="… lode more pager with Ajax for Drupal</a>&nbsp;(1.14%)</li></ul><p class="page-header">My top 10 posts in total generated 28.64% of unique pageviews. 4 out of 10 top posts were created in month of July and they accounts for 13.14% of unique pageviews.&nbsp;</p><h2>Social Statistics (as of August 2nd<span style="font-size: 1.385em; line-height: 1.538em;">)</span></h2><ul><li>Twitter: 8313 followers (up by 3684 followers)</li><li>Facebook: 717 fans (down by 1 fan)</li><li>Google+: 834 followers (up by 274 followers)</li><li>Pinterest: 3632 followers (up by 1109 followers)</li></ul><h2>Road to 100K unique visitors per month</h2><p><span style="line-height: 1.538em;">I red in some blog that a&nbsp;</span>successful<span style="line-height: 1.538em;">&nbsp;bloggers has around 100K visitors to their blog. By saying&nbsp;</span>successful<span style="line-height: 1.538em;">&nbsp;blog author was meaning a blogger <a href="; target="_blank">who earns a decent money from blog</a>. Well for me it sounds a&nbsp;little&nbsp;untrustworthy, first of all 100K visitors - what is that? Visitors or Unique visitors? &nbsp;To make a decent income - yes I agree chance if you have 100K (unique) visitors are much higher you will earn decent income to if you have 2K (unique) visitors.</span></p><p class="page-header">Anyway - I decided to make my long-term goal &nbsp;-<strong> to achieve 100K unique visitors per month</strong> (and to probably earn a decent income). My forecasts - it could take me <strong>at least 5 years</strong> starting today. I will not focus right now to get them - but I will use 100K as an indicator to see - how I'm performing compared to virtual 100K.</p><p class="page-header"><strong>And now - In&nbsp;July&nbsp;I was at 2.2% from 100K</strong>. &nbsp;We need to start from somewhere, right?&nbsp;</p><h2 class="page-header">In conclusion:</h2><p class="page-header">Last month when I predicted some forecasts - I said:</p><blockquote><p class="page-header"><span>I will be modest in my forecast - 2000 and more visitors would be great, but I will stick with 1600 - 1800 uniques forecast.&nbsp;</span></p></blockquote><p class="page-header">Since I got more than 2000 unique visitors - I must admit, this was a great month. Now, what's next?</p><p class="page-header">I'm not willing to get self-fooled, and I will keep sticking with modest forecasts - at first I'm willing to see the same result this month, because of I'm not sure how well my social activities will go on. Basicly I'm willing to see increase in organic traffic - gaining some 25-35% of organic search traffic would be what I need - to be more confident, that I can attract some 3000 unique visitors in close future.</p><p class="page-header">Anything above 2200 unique visitors next month will be a great result. I will say 2500-2700 is my forecast for this month.</p><p class="page-header">&nbsp;</p><p class="page-header">&nbsp;</p>