How to List Drupal Child Terms on Taxonomy Pages with Views

September 28, 2016
I spent a good amount of time at Monday's evening to actually figure this out. In today's Drupal Tutorial - How to List Drupal Child Terms on Taxonomy Pages with Views. This issue has been on my table for about two years. For the ease of this tutorial - here is basic setup. For a content type blog I have...

How To Hide Drupal Block For Nodes In Specific Taxonomy - Example With Google Adsense

August 20, 2014
In this Drupal Development tutorial I will show how one (perhaps you) can hide a block for nodes on specific taxonomy. But before we dig in, lets look to an example.Let's say you are displaying Google Adsense ads on your Drupal website or blog, ads are displayed by using blocks. Everyhting fine. But then you realize,...

Display node count per taxonomy

November 13, 2013
Working on project, I needed to display how many nodes are in particular taxonomy. To achieve such behavior - I created a term based view, turned on aggregation, under Relationships added Taxonomy term Content using, added taxonomy term name, nid and image fields, and set to aggregate nid count.

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 1 - planing

October 31, 2013
So you have decided you'll use Drupal for your brand new website? Don't know where to start? A webpage is like an investment you make in your companies asset. Before building a website, no matter is it Drupal or it is not a Drupal, you must carefully plan - what about is this website? What value does it give? Is it...

Drupal views taxonomy map

October 04, 2013
Even wondered or thinked about - to display terms of your Drupal powered site on a map? Is it possible? Yes it is.Things you will need to display taxonomy terms on map:Taxonomy module enabled, location module, Gmap module, Views module Enable modules: location for taxonomies, location cck field. If you haven't...