Traffic Spike

Fourth Traffic Spike - How to get 10,000 Pageviews in One Day


Yesterday (February 18) marked another important milestone for my blog - for the very first time my blog traffic crossed 10,000 page views in one day. Now, don't get me wrong - I would love to report 10,000 daily page views instead of 10,000 in one day, which happened thanks to the huge traffic spike made by a dozen of referring links.  By now my…

Third Traffic Spike: More than 7,500 Daily Users


A huge traffic surge to this website was experienced on November 15 when total unique user count reached 7,732. The vast majority of them were coming from Turkey.  Update: Learn how I got 10,000 Page views in a day This was already third traffic spike to my blog, previous record was set back in January (2015) with 3,584 users. While the first…

Second Traffic Spike Happened - more than 3,500 Unique Visitors on January 19


Another major traffic spike to my blog happened on January 19, 2015, when total unique visitor count reached 3,584. Update: Read how I got 10,000 page views in day a year later. Previous or first major traffic spike happened about a year ago on January 24, 2014, when unique's totalled in more than 1,000. I believe there will be some who are…