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Ordering Goodies From Amazon - Baby Play Mat and more

November 21, 2018
It has been a while since I made my first international Amazon delivery to Georgia, using parcel delivery and forwarding service USA2Georgia. See how I ordered and installed new hinges for my old HP laptop back in 2014.  How To Order Goodies From US to Georgia - At the end of 2018 we...

How To Order Goodies From US to Georgia -

April 09, 2017
For those of you looking to ship goodies, like electronics, clothing, perfume e.t.c. from online stores located in the United States to Georgia, there is a simple, easy and affordable service - I've been using for years, ordering items like hinges for my laptop (see: New hinges...

It's shopping time -

February 26, 2014
Here in Georgia it's hard to buy good and cheap electronics, almost impossible is to repair something. If your laptop is broken, answer always is one - Laptop Center, (Or how Georgians prefer - Leptopi Centri), located on Uznadze street, Tbilisi. I wouldn't call them bad, they have really helped me out in past 3 years...