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For those of you looking to ship goodies, like electronics, clothing, perfume e.t.c. from online stores located in the United States to Georgia, there is a simple, easy and affordable service -

I've been using for years, ordering items like hinges for my laptop (see: New hinges added to my HP Compaq 6510b), a laptop, equipment for DSLR camera, kitchen tools, even some food, clothing, perfume and more.

There is a small catch still, basically all of the items received in the US before been shipped to Georgia must be declared for customs, for items which price is more than GEL 300 a custom tax must be paid. Items worth less than 300 GEL are exempt from tax.

I always try to order some small items under $100 to avoid dealing with customs, as it might get really painful - you must go to Revenue Service to get some special tax payer code and taxes you are paying at the end are really not worth all of this process. 

In fact lately things in Georgia have developed pretty good, and there is little you cannot buy here. Back in 2012, 2013 and even 2014 it was tougher with product supply, and then I used usa2georgia more often. I'm that guy who doesn't love to browse through the catalogs order online and then wait for about 2 weeks my goodies to arrive. If I want something I always try to touch it before buying, and if I like it, buy instantly. Though, for some special items I'm ready to wait and even do the catalog thing. 

Another such day arrived at the end of February 2017, when I decided to use usa2georgia service to deliver a mail from the US bank to me here in Georgia, as my previous attempts to receive snail mails from  financial institution in US, have experienced a total defeat, my mail gets lost somewhere in Atlantic, Turkey or most probably in Georgia by Georgian Post.  

The idea is simple - I will reroute my US mail to usa2georgia postal address and then using courier service will recieve it in Tbilisi. 

A neat feature offered by usa2georgia is tracking codes, so you can always see status of your package (s)

Here is how works

1. Your Address in USA - Once you register, you’ll get your own mailbox with street address in USA. Every time you shop at online stores in USA, you can use it under Shipping Address. e.g.:
8 McCullough dr, Suite U****(Your individual mailbox #, e.g.: U121212)
New Castle, DE 19720, USA

2. Receiving of Package in USA - Once you get a package in USA, you’ll receive an email notification and tracking code will appear right under your Package Control Panel.

3. Forwarding Package to Georgia - We have daily shipments to Georgia. Shipping takes about 1 week and includes free delivery service to door within Tbilisi city.

How much it will cost

Shipping fee equals to $8 per 1 kg.

Calculating of weight: Shipping fee depends on real and dimensional weight, whichever is greater. To calculate the dimensional weight, use the following formulas:
Lenght X Width X Height / 6000. (For cm and kg)
Lenght X Width X Height / 166. (For Inch and Pound)

Learn more and setup an account: