30 day challenge to publish 30 YouTube videos and double subscriber count

10 June, 2021 | 238 views

At the end of April 2021 (April 27) I started another interesting challenge in which was looking to publish at least one YouTube video a day for 30 days and double up my YouTube subscriber count! In this article, I'm going to share details…

How To Embed YouTube video in Drupal 8 (CKEDITOR)

23 June, 2018 | 4,954 views

Now, there is one more reason I'm starting to enjoy Drupal 8, embedding YouTube videos in articles now are super easy, thanks to the simple and neat Drupal module - Video Embed Field In this article, I will guide you through how to…

Display YouTube videos on Drupal site with YouTube field module

2 November, 2013 | 4,234 views

Recently I started a new topic series - documentaries, where I publish documentaries I have watched and recommend to watch others. I write a brief description of what each documentary is, and then I embed a YouTube link to show a video on…