Display YouTube videos on Drupal site with YouTube field module

Updated: 19 April, 2018 seen 4,234

Recently I started a new topic series - documentaries, where I publish documentaries I have watched and recommend to watch others. I write a brief description of what each documentary is, and then I embed a YouTube link to show a video on my blog. 

How To Embed YouTube video in Drupal 8 (CKEDITOR)

But lately I started to think of creating my own Screen-casts, and the idea of embedding a video on content didn't satisfy me anymore.

What I wanted - to populate a video in the field, so later by using views I can display video on top of content, not in the content:


To achieve this, I just needed to add one small module and create a new view.

  • Download YouTube module
  • Extract it to sites/all/modules
  • Enable it from modules page
  • Add a new YouTube field to your Content type field

I will not write this time how to create a view containing your video, it's too straightforward if you are familiar with views, if not, please leave a comment below, and I'll guide you through in some of my next posts.


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