Turtle lake - My working place for today

In summertime it's hot as hell in Tbilisi city - there are two options  - air conditioner or Turtle lake. I prefer second option. 

The features of working at Turtle lake - here is a free Wi-Fi internet available, all across the lake (Silkspot), here is a great coffee bar - Intelligentsia, which Turkish coffee is among the best available in Tbilisi and Georgia overall.

Turkish coffee at Intelligentsia coffee bar (Turtle lake)

And best of all you can get out of your everyday Tbilisi routine. Did I mentioned? Weather here is more windy and for a few degrees lower than in city? Why it so? That's an easy question - Turtle lake is located up in the Tbilisi mountains, the altitude is some 400-500 meters.

Simply put your laptop on table, connect to Silkspot and enjoy

Intelligentsia coffee bar

I must admit it's not about working only - it's about being outdoors and getting breath of fresh mountainous/lake air.

Speaking of internet connections here, as I said - here is free Wi-Fi available, but in case it's not working (it's Georgia) you might to use your phone as a Wi-Fi router. I do have Samsung Android phone with built in Wi-Fi router, and in places there is no Wi-Fi available I'm using mobile internet to get access to internet and phone as a router, to connect from my laptop.

About Turtle lake

Turtle Lake is a direct English translation of Kus Tba (Georgian: კუს ტბა), a small lake at the outskirts of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, so named due to the perceived abundance of turtles living in these places. The other, less frequently used name of this lake is K'ork'i (ქორქის ტბა).

Turtle Lake is located on the wooded northern slope of Mtatsminda Mount at elevation of 686.7 m above sea level and fed by a small river Varazis-Khevi, a tributary to the Mtkvari (Kura). The area of surface is 0.034 km², while the catchment area is 0.4 km². Maximal depth is 2.6 m.

The Turtle Lake area is designed as a recreational zone and is frequented by the Tbilisians on weekends. It is also a place where festivals and concerts are held. It could be reached either via a road or an aerial tramway leading from Tbilisi’s Vake Municipality, but it is now defunct. West to the lake is the Open Air Museum of Ethnography, a large exhibition of Georgia’s folk architecture.

That said - I have figured that I should create a Turkish Coffee index - reasons forces me to think this - I'm found of Turkish coffee. This could be a great alternative to Georgian Khachapuri index (Georgian alternative to Big Mac index)

Breath more fresh air and visit Turtle lake, once in Tbilisi.