10 Day Business / Leisure Trip to the United States (New York & Philadelphia)

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A short 10 day trip to the United States, visiting 3 states (New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) 

Long story short - I had to fly to the United States for one reason - opening a bank account (see: How To Open A Bank Account in the U.S., As A Non-resident Non - citizen, Wells Fargo Bank), for the flight, we decided to go with Ukrainian airlines from Tbilisi via Kyiv to New York City (see: About Tbilisi - Kyiv - New York Flight by Ukrainian Airlines

Unplanned flight delay in Kyiv happened for 10 hours, during which I managed to craft a short day trip to Kyiv (see: Short Day Trip To Kyiv, Ukraine

Once in the States, on the second day's evening, I was able to handle my financial-related things and it was time for leisure. For the first day's stay, we booked a cheaper hotel in Secaucus, offering a fast and convenient connection to downtown Manhattan reachable in about 20 minutes ($6 per ride in a public bus).

Did some shopping and sightseeing around Manhattan (bought lovely leather shoes from Aldo store)

On January second we bought a bus ticket to Philadelphia (again, traveling in the US by public transport is very cheap, as we paid about $15 for a single ticket). Once in Philly, booked a lovely hotel in the downtown area (China town) just a few blocks away from Reading Terminal market. Philly is amazing for leisure, calm and tranquil. Highly recommend.

Returned to New York City, this time booked a luxury hotel near the Empire State building and enjoyed slow days in Manhattan, trying out local Asian cuisine.

Here I'm listing all major and interesting places we discovered this time in America.

Speaking of expenses, I didn't count after all, but now looking back it seems it was at about $4,000