3 day leisure trip to Germany (The Mossel Valley)

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This is a round up post about our latest travel to Germany, at the end of May 2017. Our trip started at Dortmund airport, were we got a nice Nissan X-trail rental car from Hertz (about EUR 250 for 4 days).

Although I've traveled to Germany countless times in the past, this is just third recap featured on blog, in fact about 2 years ago we made a similar trip to Germany but extended it it by visiting the Netherlands, see: My Germany and The Netherlands Travel Guide, also I briefly visited Berlin last Summer between layovers to 7 day trip to Spain

This trip was interesting because of this time instead of choosing hotel rooms we opted for apartments, though it costs about twice to have a lovely apartment as a hotel room, I now have pretty ambivalent feelings regarding apartments. We got two really amazing apartments, but there was one that almost ruined our trip. 

Anyhow - this time more castles and lovely views from the Mossel Valley in Germany.