Investing in Germany is quite easy, you could do so by buying German stocks. There are many German stocks to invest in, but in this article, I will talk about Germany's blue-chip stocks, stocks from the DAX index

The DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex (German stock index)) is a blue-chip stock market index consisting of the 30 major German companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Prices are taken from the Xetra trading venue. According to Deutsche Börse, the operator of Xetra, DAX measures the performance of the Prime Standard’s 30 largest German companies in terms of order book volume and market capitalization.

Here I have listed all 30 stocks from the DAX index, sorting by the highest dividend yield.

When looking at German stocks, I'm more interested in selling options on them, as to collect dividends, when talking about DAX index - all stocks from the index are optionable, which is awesome. 

Highest paying dividend stocks from the German DAX index

Use this table to find out the highest paying dividend stock in Germany, grouped by sector, stock, price, dividend yield and year established.

Company Prime Standard industry group Ticker symbol Price Dividend Yield Options Founded
Deutsche Lufthansa Transport Aviation ETR:LHA €9.27 8.07% yes 1953
BASF Chemicals ETR:BAS €49.75 6.66% yes 1865
Allianz Insurance ETR:ALV €168.90 5.64% yes 1890
E.ON Energy ETR:EOAN €9.98 4.65% yes 2000
Munich Re Insurance ETR:MUV2 €210.00 4.59% yes 1880
Bayer Pharmaceuticals and chemicals ETR:BAYN €62.00 4.56% yes 1863
BMW Manufacturing ETR:BMW €54.39 4.54% yes 1916
Volkswagen Group Manufacturing ETR:VOW3 €140.12 4.53% yes 1937
Continental Manufacturing ETR:CON €91.78 4.37% yes 1871
Deutsche Post Logistics ETR:DPW €28.98 4.31% yes 1995
Deutsche Telekom Communications ETR:DTE €14.10 4.26% yes 1995
Siemens Industrial, electronics ETR:SIE €98.98 3.86% yes 1847
Covestro Chemicals ETR:1COV €34.92 3.47% yes 2015
Vonovia Real estate ETR:VNA €50.12 3.11% yes 2001
RWE Energy ETR:RWE €29.35 2.72% yes 1898
Daimler Manufacturing ETR:DAI €35.55 2.56% yes 1926
Henkel Consumer goods and chemicals ETR:HEN3 €78.54 2.35% yes 1876
Linde Industrial gases ETR:LIN €175.75 2.20% yes 1879
MTU Aero Engines Aerospace ETR:MTX €152.80 2.19% yes 1934
Fresenius Medical ETR:FRE €42.36 1.98% yes 1912
Deutsche Börse Securities ETR:DB1 €148.65 1.95% yes 1992
Adidas Clothing ETR:ADS €233.00 1.64% yes 1924
Fresenius Medical Care Medical ETR:FME €73.16 1.64% yes 1996
Deutsche Bank Banking ETR:DBK €7.79 1.41% yes 1870
SAP Software ETR:SAP €111.84 1.40% yes 1972
Infineon Technologies Semiconductors ETR:IFX €19.25 1.37% yes 1999
HeidelbergCement Building ETR:HEI €45.40 1.31% yes 1874
Merck Pharmaceuticals ETR:MRK €101.20 1.28% yes 1668
Beiersdorf Consumer goods and chemicals ETR:BEI €93.84 0.77% yes 1882
Wirecard Financial Technology ETR:WDI €89.25 0.22% yes 1999

Data source: DAX, stock prices as of May 27, 2020

It's amazing to note, all stocks from the DAX index are paying dividends. I'm not an expert in German stocks but seems dividends are paid annually (unlike in the US, where dividends are paid quarterly or even monthly)

Dividends are not the reason I'm looking on these German stocks, options are. If you are interested to learn more about our options trades on these German stocks, see: Covered Call Trade Idea with Monthly Options - Generate EUR 36/mo from this Germany's (DAX) Blue Chip Stock

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