Rike park is just recently opened for public a landscaped territory close to Tbilisi Old Town. I first visited this park at the end of September 2012, when in frame of government election campaign a free concert of Goran Bregovich was held here (it was actually held in closely located Europe square - I just wanted to add some more impression).

You can enter Rike park either crossing pedestrian bridge of Peace of from opposite side using stairways from Avlabari district. In parks territory is located an aerial tram which will bring you up to the fortress of Narikala. 

The Bridge of Peace

The Bridge of Peace is a pedestrian bridge used to enter Rike park from Tbilisi old town, in the opposite side at park you can climb down or up stairways to or from Avlabari district of Tbilisi

Aerial tram station at Rike Park

You can take an aerial ride from Rike Park (tram station is actually located near Europe Square) up to Narikala fortress. 

Building that was meant to became a Tbilisi Philharmonic and Presidential Office at top

I'm not sure regarding future development plans of this Philharmonic Building - the rumour has it... well there is always some rumour...But you should agree - it looks just amazing.

The bridge of Peace from park side

Tbilisi Philharmonic building

Dwelling house at top of the rock

Girls eating Sugar wool

In the background is the Tbilisi Old town with those nice looking rooftops.

The Bottom Line

Rike park is a really nice recreational zone in the heart of Tbilisi. Be sure to take your camera with yourself to make amazing photos here. Also you can use Rike park as your starting point to go up to the Narikala fortress by aerial tram.