Ankara Turkish Restaurant in Tbilisi

Updated: 15 March, 2022 seen 806
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I love Turkish cuisine, and those Turkish restaurants located in Tbilisi are very good. In fact it is thanks to the Turkish Restaurants in Georgia I learnt what halal actually is (as most of the Turkish or Persian places serve Halal exclusively)

Anyway - the story is not about halal but Ankara restaurant in Tbilisi, located on David Aghmanashebeli avenue. In short tasty lunch for a normal price, accompanied with classical Turkish sweets (bakhlava).

Chicken, vegetables and rice

Chicken, vegetables and rice

Dietary and tasty.

Turkish Dolma

Turkish Dolma

I love dolmas. Though you can get dolmas at almost every Tbilisi restaurant, nothing compares to dolmas at Tbilisi Turkish restaurants. I love dolmas so much, that once I even prepared them at home, see: How to Prepare Traditional Dolma (Grape Leaves Roll)

The Bottom Line

Simple, fast and tasty! Ideal place for lunch. Our bill here for two persons about GEL 35

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