August 2017 Dividend Income Report - $40.43

Welcome to the fourth (#4) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend paying stocks, peer to peer lending (both fiat and crypto currencies) in August 2017. 

If you are new to these dividend income reports, where I'm sharing my progress towards financial freedom, here is a backstory in short - I started my wealth building adventure (portfolio) in January 2017 with a simple goal to invest $8,561 this year in several batches. First months of the year didn't generate me anything much, but starting May it has started slowly pick up.

Last August, I turned 32, we headed to Kiev, Ukraine to celebrate it for a couple of days. As I've reached the age of 32, it means I will put aside at least 32% of my yearly income, in fact, I have thought on this a lot and with the next year, I'm planning to adjust this ratio to years + 10. As I'm 32 now, it means for the next financial year (2018) I'm aiming to put aside 42% from my yearly income, as right now I believe in a more aggressive saving approach, if I want to get to the 1 million dollar milestone by 2045.

Now, when speaking about August - in fact, there was no dividend paying stocks in my portfolio for the last month, technically speaking I received zero dividend payments. On the other hand, I did get payments from investments in peer to peer lending ( and crypto lending (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple on lending)

About Portfolio in August 2017

My investments right now are spread across a few different investment types - stocks, peer-to-peer lending, mutual funds, cash, and crypto currencies. The vast majority remains invested in Nasdaq Baltics and peer to peer lending loans (in EUR and GEL currencies)

For the sake of this and all future dividend income articles, I've converted all final/total currencies to the US dollar, although currently there are just crypto currency investments from my portfolio in US dollars.

At the end of August, I've invested in total $8,565.57 what exceeds my 2017 goal by $4.57 an equals to 100.05% from this year's planned investments. Also,  I've reached 0.89% from my ultimate one million dollar goal by the time I will turn 60 (in 2045)

Net Worth August 2017

Net Worth August 2017

For the past 8 months, it has been a steady value growth resulting in a total of +4.17% value growth for the entire portfolio at the end of August. Here is the breakdown by positions:

  • peer to peer lending: -0.99%
  • Stocks: +4.10%
  • Mutual funds: +2.22%
  • Crypto investments: +50.40%

Despite being the top performer in terms of dividend growth (loan repayments) in August, the total value of it decreased, and here is why - Georgian Lari currency lost its value against EUR. This is the thing that worries me a lot, as Lari has been a troubled currency for the last 3 years already (at least). See: My Savings Report January 2015 - GEL Loses its Value Against USD For 14% Since September

Despite, there was no dividend paying stocks in my portfolio last month, it made a nice value growth. 

Now, the biggest surprise this month come with investments in Crypto currencies - more than 50% value growth here, gave a lovely boost this month, despite being on of the smallest positions in portfolio

Investment portfolio August 2017

Investment portfolio August 2017

About Investments in August 2017

Last month I invested additional

  • Nasdaq Baltics stock market: EUR 627
  • Cash: EUR 45.6  
  • Crypto currencies: EUR 175 
  • marketplace: EUR 343.90

Total investment = EUR 1191.5

From money invested in Baltic equity market I bought following shares:

  • OlainFarm (OLF1R) - 55 Shares

Though, not very enthusiastic about this purchase, I bought it for simple reason - it promises dividend payments in September and December

Interest Income in August 2017

From investments in peer to peer lending marketplace and from crypto currency lending on I got following income last month:

  • EUR 34.35
  • EUR 0.79

Total: EUR 35.14 / USD 40.43

Monthly Income to the date

During past eight months, dividend income from my portfolio have produced a whopping $311.56, or 3.63% year to date yield

Monthly income chart August 2017

Monthly income chart August 2017

As you can see from the graph above, last July has been the best in terms of dividend and interest payments so far.

Right now it looks I won't crack $100 anytime soon and if, then most probably in December, as I already hold few stocks with historical dividend payments in December. 

Goals for August 2018 Dividend Income

A year from now I'm looking for a minimum of $100 dividend income in August 2018.