May 2017 Dividend Income Report - $65.45

There are two financial goals I'm looking to achieve. The short term goal is to earn from dividend paying stocks more than $100/mo by February 2018. The long tern goal -  to land 1 million dollars in my savings account by the time I will turn 60 (that's in 2045).

I started my wealth building adventure (portfolio) January 2017 with goal to invest $8,561 this year in several batches. Now, five months latter I'm publishing my first dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from stocks and peer to peer lending in May 2017. 

About portfolio in May 2017

Most of my investments right now are concentrated in the Baltic states and Georgia. My portfolio consists of investments in Georgian Lari and EUR currencies. At the end of May I had invested $4,656.36 what equals to about 0.47% from my ultimate goal to have 1 million dollars and 54.39% from my 2017 planned investments

The total value of my portfolio in May 2017 were $4,766.22, making the difference between invested and value + $109.86

  • Invested: $4,656.36
  • Value: $4,766.22

Growth: + $109.86

The growth have happened because of two reasons - stock prices have gone up and currency exchange rates (I have about 4,000 invested in Georgian lari)

Investment portfolio May 2017

Investment portfolio May 2017

The largest part of my portfolio takes investments in peer to peer lending (53.9%), followed by stocks (37.3%) and a small part of mutual funds (8.9%) which are not paying any dividends, but I hope they are going to grow in future,

About Investment May 2017

Last month I invested additional EUR 788.95 in Nasdaq Baltics stock market and acquired following shares. 

  • Latvijas Gāze (55 shares)
  • Nordecon (200 shares)

Both equities promises dividend income in June 2017. 

Dividend income May 2017

From equities bought in April and from investments in peer to peer lending marketplace, I got following income

  • Zemaitijos Pienas - EUR 17
  • Olympic Entertainment group - EUR 18
  • - EUR 23.01

Total: EUR 58.01

Goals for May 2018

I hope that after a year I will complete my first smaller investment goal to reach $100/mo and I'm looking to have dividend income at about $150/mo in May 2018.