Barbarestan - Wine Shop and Restaurant in Tbilisi

Updated: 21 February, 2022 seen 1,640

Vintage lovers and hipsters - rejoice, I just discovered another "fashionable" not to miss place in Tbilisi - Barbarestan - wine shop and restaurant on Aghanashebeli avenue.

Well this place actually didn't pop up on my radar by accident - I have heard of this place before, mostly positive reviews, but the real reasons I wanted to visit this place, on a lovely Saturday morning we couldn't decide where should we go today - so after this epic struggle - what to do next, I decided to try luck on Google - I decided to search for "breakfasts in Tbilisi" - let me assure how happy I was somebody (TripAdvisor) was created such list for me. 

Barbarestan ranked fourth on this list, and since it is was close to our apartment - we decided - its Barberastan time.

Outdoor signboard at Barbarestan

Menu at restaurant Barbarestan

Prices for food at restaurant Barberastan compared to other Tbilisi restaurants are well above average, like a cup of Turkish coffee here - 3GEL, Kubdari - 15 GEL. In fact, I didn't find here any breakfast menu items, so I wonder how this restaurant could rank #4 on TripAdvisor? 

Fancy dishes at Barbarestan restaurant in Tbilisi

I had a very ambivalent feelings about this place while waiting for our piece of Kubdari and enjoying that three lari Turkish coffee here. This place indeed features interesting interior elements, there were even signing canaries in the corner of room, but on the other hand - this place, as usually in high-end places in Georgia - it was completely empty. So it was a Saturday morning, why there are no happy people enjoying their breakfast here (remember. even TripAdvisor ranks this place fourth). And then I realized - which normal person will buy a cup of cheap Turkish coffee for 3 Lari? Kubdari 15 lari? Common... 

Wine bar at Barebarestan


The bottom line

Barbarestan probably is a decent place where to enjoy a glass (bottle) of wine, but speaking of breakfast - it's not.