Bistro Elvi is a restaurant style catering place offering a home style cuisine, today I will speak about one located in town of Skrunda. 

Bistro Elvi in Skrunda town is located in a local shopping centre also called Elvi and actually is part of Elvi chain. Close to this bistro is located Skrunda bus station, were buses from Rīga and Liepāja makes a stop.

Elvi Bistro in Skrunda

Solyanka at Elvi Bistro

Solyanka which actually is a traditional Russian soup, is one of the most popular soups at Latvian Bistro places. Once I red it was called a hotch-potch soup. Well, I would call this soup actually more hotch-potch than solyanka, because I don't find a soup made from leftover sausages and a tomato sauce anything close to Russian Solyanka. But it tasted good.

A Royal Pork Chop at Bistro Elvi

I messed with my camera settings unfortunately and didn't make any decent photo of this food.

Desert at Elvi Bistro

It was some apple based cream in a jelly, the jelly was way too much synthetic.

Salads at Elvi Bistro

Now I played a bit with aperture here, and got a pretty decent image.

Bun and a apple cream in a jelly

Table at Elvi Bistro

The Bottom Line

Bistro Elvi serves a traditional Latvian home style cuisine, unfortunately they keep their food in fridge and just warms it up here. The food is tasty, but I wouldn't call it healthy. If you are driving Rīga - Liepāja, you can make a stop here and try something :) The price is not too highy here - we paid around EUR 18.00 for all above seen food and 3 extra coffees.

Location & Map
Ventas iela 16 Skrunda Latvia
Coordinates: 56.673924 22.016193