Blog Monthly Online Income Report - August 2015 - $880.09

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Welcome everybody to the 20th online income report of Reinis Fischer blog. In this post I will cover some info about earnings I have made in month of August solely with my blog ( I like to call this phenomena - a smart passive online income. 

In case you are wondering why should someone publish online his/her earnings - the answer is pretty simple - I like transparency and these reports help me to observe my progress or bounces. Hopefully my reports can give some inspiration to you as well. 

If you want to learn more about how to start a blog and make it successful - I recently started a blog post covering things that matters. 

Total Numbers

In August my blog earned a total of $952.59 what is an impressive increase of 60.44% if compared to previous month (July) when I earned in total $593.73. 

  • Daily earnings: $30.73

Technically speaking this August has been the best month this year, after month of February when I got $940.05. the only difference is  - in August I had more expenses than in February

About Blog Traffic in August

I'm doing both blog traffic and income reports as separate articles each month, and I believe that anytime soon I should combine them into one article. Since there is no way you can earn some money online without a traffic I will give you some numbers I got last month.

Blog Traffic Report August 2015

August was just brilliant, for the first time my blog cracked 30,000 user milestone (I have been dreaming about it for a few months already). In fact I got some significant traffic boost by 32% last month, and it definetly helped to earn more this month.

About income streams

I have slowly started to add new income streams to my blog just to diversify. And so in this August there was a 6 channels that generated some very impresive earnings.

  • Google Adsense: $28.91
  • Amazon Associates: $820.85
  • Amazon CPM: $5.21
  • Sovrn: $1.94
  • Booking Affiliates: $35.89
  • Bluehost: $65.00

Total: $952.59

As you can see Amazon Associates still makes the majority of earnings, but I'm really glad full seeing that other channels combined makes some important earnings as well.

About expenses

  • Linode VPS: $62.50
  • Facebook ads: $10.00

Total: $72.50

Just a brief explanation about my expenses: I'm using Linode to power my blog, and I sometimes do a post promotion on Facebook, so in August I spent $10 just to promote Top 20 Tbilisi restaurants.

August 2015 vs August 2014

One year ago a game change happened, for the very first time I reached something impressive $95.03, now a year latter I have earned 10 times more. Impressive and Awesome, right?

Plans for September

As it might sound tempting to cross the $1,000 milestone, I doubt I will end there, anything above $500 will be a great result.

How much did you earned last month?