Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 13 - working with node display

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 994

By default, when adding new fields to content type, and then entering values in them, Drupal will display all of them on node:

But what if we don't want some or all of these fields to be displayed on our node?

Simple, we can change order, or hide them by using Manage Display settings on our Content type page

As you can see from picture above, we have few options - we can change Format of how our field is displayed, we can adjust label for each field, and of-course we can hide the field (fields)

I like to hide all fields from display, except Body field, like this:

Which gives us result like this:


Which is nice, but still, I don't wanna provide information about author who ha submitted, neither post date.

To hide author and date information, we must go to our content type, and click Edit, Under Display Settings we must uncheck Display author and date information.


In case you are wondering, how we gonna display these hidden values on our node. We gonna build views, and put them into blocks on our theme. By building views, we have much more flexibility, how to display and style (CSS) our info, than just displaying raw data.


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