Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 13 - working with node display

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<p>By default, when adding new fields to content type, and then entering values in them, Drupal will display all of them on node:</p><p><img src="; alt="" width="880" height="309"></p><p>But what if we don't want some or all of these fields to be displayed on our node?</p><p>Simple, we can change order, or hide them by using Manage Display settings on our Content type page</p><p><img src="; alt="" width="1200" height="404"></p><p>As you can see from picture above, we have few options - we can change Format of how our field is displayed, we can adjust label for each field, and of-course we can hide the field (fields)</p><p>I like to hide all fields from display, except Body field, like this:</p><p><img src="; alt="" width="1107" height="310"></p><p>Which gives us result like this:</p><p><img src="; alt="" width="981" height="263"></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Which is nice, but still, I don't wanna provide information about author who ha submitted, neither post date.</p><p>To hide author and date information, we must go to our content type, and click Edit, Under&nbsp;<strong>Display&nbsp;Settings</strong> we must uncheck Display author and date information.</p><p><img src="; alt="" width="1151" height="311"></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>In case you are wondering, how we gonna display these hidden values on our node. We <a href="… build views</a>, and put them into blocks on our theme. By building views, we have much more flexibility, how to display and style (CSS) our info, than just displaying raw data.</p>