If you are the person who loves to bring flower seeds or bulbs from your travels abroad then you might find interesting my experience buying flower bulbs and perennial near Keukenhof's Garden in Netherlands. At first I must admit I'm absolutely not a flower expert - I prefer photograph them, but as I learned at this nursery this topic is actually all about - it's never too late to learn. And maybe even I have a green fingers.

I tried to buy here a tulip bulbs, but I was informed that it's not a good idea to plant a bulb in April (I paid a visit here at the end of April 2015), instead I should come back in October and then it's a good idea to plant a bulb. As I said - I'm not an expert, so don't judge me hard. Anyway I followed this advice and bought some other bulbs (not tulips, but have no idea actually). In total we spent here EUR 25.00  got a 3 sacks of some bulbs (which are already planted) and some bulbs (perhaps even a tulip) as a gift. And yes, a free vase with a tulip as well.

This plant nursery is lcoated in the town of Lisse some 2 km from Keukenhof's garden. You should see it form highway if approaching Leiden - Lisse road. 

Good people, good location, good prices. 

Balcony plants for sale at this nursery 

Prices here are much lower than those at Keukenhof's garden

Plant nursery near Keukenhof

Daffodils and Tulips in pots for sale

Tulip with a vase for sale

Pretty neat marketing trick - buy a tulip in a vase just for EUR 2.00. Actually we got one for free as a gift at this plant nursery. Lovely.

Tulips for sale near Keukenhof

Plant nursery near Keukenhof in The Netherlands

Either you are allowed to dug your tulip yourself, either they are some field workers.

Allium Globemaster

I photographed this signboard back then because I believed this is signboard of this plant nursery, now I found I might be wrong.

I decided to contact Gebr Valkering using e-mail on their website, did sent two photos of this location and asked could they help me out to figure out were exactly this plant nursery is located, because as I learnt Gebr Valkering is either just renting this one field here or they are just providing this plant nursery with bulbs. Again I don't know for sure.

Shortly I got back an e-mail from Gebr Valkering which stated that address of this location is: Westelijke Randweg nr 4, Lisse, and man who lives here (owner) is named Hans Beelen

What is Gebr Valkering all about:

We are four brothers: Adriaan, Rian, Willem and Niels. Since 1987, we’ve been running a flower bulb and perennial nursery at Rinnegommerlaan 17, in Egmond aan den Hoef, in the province of North Holland, The Netherlands. Our company is located in the Sammerpolder (a “polder” from the 1600’s). We first began with three hectares (7.4 acres), purchased from two uncles, on which we established our company. Due to our commitment to quality products and service, we have since grown our company to include 25 hectares (approximately 62 acres) of nutrient-rich sandy-soil, optimal for growing our bulbs, tubers, and perennials. Read more: www.gebrvalkering.nl

Location & Map
Westelijke Randweg nr 4 Lisse Netherlands
Coordinates: 52.269328 4.556371