Buying Tulip Bulbs near Keukenhof (The Netherlands)

21 May, 2015 seen 2,428
If you are the person who loves to bring flower seeds or bulbs from your travels abroad then you might find interesting my experience buying flower bulbs and perennial near Keukenhof's Garden in Netherlands. At first I must admit I'm…

Keukenhof Tulip (Flower) Garden in Netherlands

20 May, 2015 seen 2,038
Keukenhof is a paradise for flower lovers and especially for those ones who are into tulips. Keukenhof is located in province of South Holland in Netherlands in town of Lisse. One of the reasons people spend money and travel here from all…

Leiden - A Lovely Dutch City in South Holland

19 May, 2015 seen 1,270
We arrived at a lovely city of Leiden in Netherlands from Düsseldorf Germany. Frankly speaking I hadn't  before heard the name of Leiden, and I'm glad I learned something new. The reason we headed to Leiden was simple, according to some…