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Cafe Ivetas Ķēķis (Iveta's Kitchen) is located in Grobiņa municipality, some 10km from Liepāja, this cafe/restaurant actually is part of another cool attraction Jura Staļļi (George's Stables). From my understanding, it's a family run business. 

It was already past 20:00 and we left Liepāja a little bit hungry and decided to take some quick stop at Caffe Lielā Pietura, but the place was already closed, and we decided to give it a try for Jura Staļļi (as we had heard some good words before about this place)

Now, great was my surprise to find this place was almost booked, there were about 30-40 people on site (we got a lovely table inside the house, next to the kitchen). The next surprise come when the owner of the place recommended us to try their special burgers.

Burgers at Ivetas Ķēķis

Burgers at Ivetas Ķēķis

Now, this was something great- the very best burgers I have tried in Latvia, and I would even say, the second best after US burgers. The buns are ordered from Poland, this sounded a bit strange to me, as I thought that buns should be made on site, see: How To Make Burger Buns at Home

We also ordered some chicken strips, cheese sticks..ahh almost got that American feeling.

Cafe Ivetas Ķēķis near Grobiņa

Cafe Ivetas Ķēķis near Grobiņa​​

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