Caucasus Tourism Fair 2014

Every year in start of April, in Tbilisi, Georgia tourism fair is held. I'm visiting it already third time. This time I got some emptiness feeling, it doesn't looks like organizers has made any promotion both to attract visitors and companies.

As usual at fair you could meet some hotel representatives, trying to give you some crappy brochure, rather telling their unique story. There are few international companies, which seems there are just to make a check box in their long long fairs list. This year seemed one of that kind was TAV airports. 

For example - There was a Geocell stand. Geocell is local large Georgian mobile operator company - but they are offering just some brochures, I was hopping for more, like to touch some cell phone at least. 

As usual there was local hunting and fishing companies, some selling some stuff, some giving more information about their services. Good example of this is Jomardi rafting company.

As usual there was local craftsmen selling their work, like bronze replicas and wool knittings. 

My favourite from those few represented this year was some Ukrainian girls selling coffee, and Mestia Tourism board. 

Once you have seen all inside, take a brief walk across the Expo territory, it's even more inspiring.