Could Bitcoin Price Reach $30,000 By The End Of 2018?

Updated: 29 November, 2017 seen 849

With Bitcoin price reaching for the first time $10,000 on November 28, 2017 - I keep wondering - could we see Bitcoin double or even triple in value in 2018?

According to Coinmarketcap the price for bitcoin has gone up tenfold since the begging of 2017, trading high $1,003.08 on January 2017 and reaching $10,075.90 on November 28, 2017

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Bitcoin Year to date chart - January 1st - November 2017

Bitcoin Year to date chart - January 1st - November 2017 (data source:

Now, there is one approach we could try to apply and try to predict the future price of Bitcoin -  using the total market capitalization of Bitcoin.

As of writing this article, the total market cap of Bitcoin is $168,861,518,975, while in January it was $15,491,200,000. That's the same tenfold increase

$168,861,518,975 / $15,491,200,000 = ~10.9

In order for Bitcoin to reach $30,000 value, the total market cap should increase three times:

$168,861,518,975 * 3 = $ 506,584,556,925 

That's about a 500 billions of US dollars. 

As the total market cap for 1324 cryptocurrencies currently listed on Coinmarketcap is about $ 311 billion at the end of November and Bitcoin dominance is about 54%, personally, I do believe that we could see Bitcoin double or even triple in 2018. 

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The question is, will it actually happen so? Things could go completely wrong, major exchange hacks, governments outlawing cryptocurrencies and so on. 

Remember - investments are risky, never invest more you can afford to lose.

The Bottom Line

Now, what do you think? Are we heading to Bitcoin price at $30,000 by the end of 2018? Or probably it's doomed to fail? Leave a comment!


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