How To Transfer ETC Balance from to

In today's article, I will demonstrate how to transfer Ethereum Classic (ETC) from to exchange (or any other etc address).

For a prelude - I first created a MyEtherWallet address to claim Golden Fleece Tokens (How To Add a Custom Token Balance in, then I built a gpu ether mining rig and claimed all earnings via MyEtherWallet. With time I started to mine other coins, and at one stage decided to give it a try for ETC coin (probably I was looking for a Callisto Airdrop).

Now I wanted to buy some XRP (ripple) on Poloniex and decided to use pre-mined ETC coins, which I had stored on MyEtherWallet.

For MyEtherWallet I have stored keystore key, and in order to login into a wallet, I need to upload it and in combination with a password to unlock wallet. Before trying to access your ETC funds on MyEtherWallet, make sure you have switched to ETC Network (right upper corner)

Sending ETC from MyEtherwallet

Sending ETC from MyEtherwallet

Enter the address to which you are sending and amount to send. For a gas limit, I left to default values.



Now, its time to confirm your transaction, after which you will be provided with TX details. In took me about 10 minutes to transfer ETC from MyEtherWallet to

Hope it helps.



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