Top Cryptocurrencies I'm Looking to Acquire (Buy&Hold) in 2018

Updated: 19 November, 2017 seen 1,290

As the new year of 2018 is fast approaching, I decided it's the right time to review my current investment strategies and goals. Planning ahead is a great strategy and investments in crypto-investments are no exceptions.

Now if you have been following my blog for a while, you might already know - I started to invest in cryptocurrencies in July 2017, after experienced my first FOMO. Also, it should be noted that crypto investments take just a part of my broader investment portfolio, which, right now, consists of stocks, mutual funds, cash and peer to peer lending.

Remember - investments are risky, never invest more you can afford to lose.

I would call my investments in crypto as experimental. Despite I was looking to keep just 5% of the total portfolio in crypto assets, by now, writing these lines, crypto takes already about 10% of the total portfolio. And it seems it could rise to about 20-25% in 2018.  I keep investing on a monthly basis using dollar cost averaging

Investment Portfolio

Investment Portfolio

By now (November 2017), this experiment has turned into a lovely +36.76% value growth in just 5 months. Awesome. Despite being one of the smallest parts of my portfolio crypto investments have returned the highest returns. Double Awesome. 

For acquiring coins (bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin) I'm using exchange.

Affiliate link here: If you are just planning to acquire your first bitcoin, consider to register at with this link, once you buy or sell $100 (€85) of digital currency or more, we will both get $10 (€8) of free bitcoin.

For acquiring other altcoins I'm using exchange, which I like because of another reason - lending out bitcoins, see: Invest in Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum and other) Peer to Peer Lending -

Currently, in 2017, I hold following coins - bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and ripple. 

TOP 10 Crypto Coins I'm looking to acquire in 2018

For 2018 I have decided to buy and hold about 10 cryptocurrencies with the largest market cap, according to Coinmarketcap

  Name Ticker Exchange
1 Bitcoin BTC Coinbase
2 Ethereum ETH Coinbase
3 Ripple XRP Poloniex
4 Litecoin LTC Coinbase
5 Dash DASH Poloniex
6 IOTA MIOTA Bitfinex
7 Monero XMR Poloniex
8 NEO NEO Bitfinex
9 NEM XEM Poloniex
10 ZCASH ZEC Poloniex

Unfortunately, not all coins from my list are supported on Poloniex exchange, and for acquiring IOTA and NEO coins seems I will have to open an account at Bitfinex.

In fact, both and Bitfinex are two exchanges I like the most, probably because of the reason they are supported at Coinlend, another great tool in hands of greedy crypto investor - an automatic bot which lends out coins. See: Review - Automating Cryptocurrency Lending Free Bot Investor

The Bottom Line

For 2018 I'm planning to spend EUR 2400 in total (EUR 200 per month) for acquiring new coins. By now I have no clue how it will end. 36% growth seems very humble when speaking about crypto investments, as in 2017 we have seen soaring 1000+% growth rates. Anyway, I will stick with a modest + 30%-50% growth. Sure it could go the other direction as well, and probably I could end 2018 being a hodler with a negative -90%. You never know!

Remember - investments are risky, never invest more you can afford to lose.


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