Crypto currency volatility, lost -54.42% in just two weeks

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In the past two weeks, my investments in crypto currencies have lost it's value by -54.42%, that's insane, but here is the thing - I don't care much, as I believe in the long term run they should raise, break even and even grow in value.

My story with crypto currency investment started just about two weeks ago, during a leisure trip to Crete, Greece I decided to allocate a small piece (up to 5%) from my investment portfolio in crypto currencies. Also I decided to use dollar cost averaging approach and constantly buy more coins each month. 

After seeing a drop by more than 50% in just two weeks I've started to think to limit crypto currency part in my portfolio to some 2-3% instead of 5%, as such huge volatility actually impacts my overall portfolio performance.

Cryptocurrency volatility

Cryptocurrency volatility 

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From three crypto coins in my wallet, ether has lost the most, -101,18%, bitcoin - 41.16% and litecoin -35.64%, and that all have happened in just two weeks. Insane!

On the other hand I feel sorry I don't have more funds available this month to buy more coins, and in fact I wouldn't mind seeing price drop to -80% till the end of month and buy more coins for less money in August.

The bigger picture from my investments in crypto currencies is to buy more coins every month until the end of 2020. 

Right now it seems if there is a failing price for one coin, the others will fall as well, and vice verse, if price is raising for one currency it will raise for all. Again, that's pretty insane, as using a well diversified stock portfolio at the end your stock portfolio shouldn't been so volatile as it is with crypto currencies.

It will be interesting to see, will ether or some other currency bypass bitcoin it total market cap and hopefully change the way how crypto market acts as of today.