How To Track Your CryptoCurrencies Portfolio Automatically Using Google Spreadsheets

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It was just recently I made my first investment in crypto currencies, I spent EUR 50 to acquire about 0.2 ethereum. As I bought them for a long-term (buy and hold) and actually I'm planning to acquire more coins every month using average cost dollar and decided to build a separate Google Spreadsheet to track value changes, gains or loss.

I see investments in crypto currencies as a great alternative to diversify my portfolio. Right now crypto currencies stand at about 0.8% in my portfolio and I'm looking to increase it to about 5% by the end of 2017. 

Update: This article originally was written back in 2017, the formula(s) listed in this article have changed several times. If not working look into the comments section for any help

The idea of the following spreadsheet was inspired from a regular stock tracking sheet, see: Simple Google Spreadsheet to Track Stock Portfolio Changes Using GOOGLEFINANCE

Here is a catch, to get real-time updates in Google Spreadsheets you will have to use =IMPORTXML function to get real-time updates from some crypto currency exchange service. Luckily a Reddit user lawnchairwiz have provided us with solution, see: Easy Way to import ETH price into google sheets

For those that use Google Sheets to track their ETH transactions, here's a quick way to get the price from

Copy the URL into cell A1.
In cell B1, type in =IMPORTXML(A1,"//span[@class='text-large']")

You now have the ETH price in cell B1

I built a simple cryptocurrency Google Spreadsheet tracking real-time prices for bitcoin, ethereum and litcoin

Tracking crypto currency portfolio with Google Spreadsheets

Tracking cryptocurrency portfolio with Google Spreadsheets 

Let me explain a bit in details:

Column A - Currency - pretty self-explanatory

Column B - for each cryptocurrency entered in Column A add respective value from

Column C - paste following:



you will get a real-time price in USD


I'm purchasing coins in EUR currency and I would love to see their value both in USD and EUR

Column D - paste following


Using GoogleFinance function you will get real-time USD EUR value

Column E (Coins) - enter how much coins you have

Column F - how much did you spend on them

and so on.

Here is a working Google Spreadsheet, File -> Make a copy 

Hope it helps guys!

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