Darbnīca Cafe Liepāja

Updated: 7 March, 2022 seen 237

Centrally located on Lielā street in Liepāja, Darbnīca Cafe is another nice addition to my Liepāja restaurant reviews (they are few, I know).

We travel to Liepāja once in a while, during our Summer's in Latvia, mostly for buying some construction materials for our home remodeling works or handling some financial tasks (banks and so on).

It was on early September morning I had to handle something a bank, and we agreed to have some brunch after that. While looking for a parkin spot, we noticed Cafe Darbnīca and agreed to go there after bank,

Unfortunately at 9:30,when we entered Darbnīca brunch was still not available (seems they are serving it from 11:00) and instead of brunch we had a chance to enjoy croissants and some cafe late.

Darbnīca cafe on Lielā street 8, Liepāja

Darbnīca cafe on Lielā street 8, Liepāja

From outside looks like another hipster place, but hey - I love hipsters, they are bizarre and fun. 

Croissant and coffee late

Croissant and coffee late

The Bottom Line

Grab your hipster brunch once in Liepāja at Darbnīca cafe. 


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