Day trip to David Gareji monastery complex and Sighnaghi

Updated: 26 January, 2022 seen 596

At the end of November, my mother visited me again in Georgia. We decided to make a few easy day trips during her stay in Tbilisi.

Our first day trip was to David Gareji Monastery complex and Sighnaghi.

Although I've been to these places for a dozen of times, I never get bored of them.

This time we took a road to David Gareji monastery complex via Rustavi town (which actually is a place I would love to return to take some urban photography), made a short stop at Gardabani to buy a freshly baked Azerbaijani bread, and followed a rocky road to David Gareji monastery complex.

Road to David Gareji

Road to David Gareji 

Seems this is some military road, used by Georgian army located somewhere close. During the Soviet times, its said there has been a huge tank polygon somewhere in this area.



Oh, I always love scenes like this. Lovely.

At Bodbe monastery near Sighnaghi

At Bodbe monastery near Sighnaghi

One of the rare HDR's I've taken this year.

We continued to the nearby town of Sighnaghi and spent about 10 minutes there taking a walk at Sighnaghi city wall which features beautiful views of Alazani valley. 


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