Day trip to Gori and nearby vicinity

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Day trips to Gori and nearby vicinity are quite possible if traveling from Tbilisi. Although not so popular as day trips to Mtskheta and Jvari (because located very close to Tbilisi) a trip to Gori and the region (Shida Kartli) is a nice way to travel through the past. 

It was at the end of March 2017, when my business partner ( agreed to show me some cool and unseen places in Gori and nearby vicinity

One of the most famous landmarks in Gori is the Stalin Museum, which I, unfortunately,  didn't visit during this trip (as I've been here several times already in past). The second landmark you should see - Uplitsikhe Cave town ancient rock-hewn town in eastern Georgia, some 10 kilometers east of the town of Gori. Enjoyed some wine and the lovely small winery Chateau Ateni, visited Atenis Sioni, and last visited some hidden gem - Sulfur baths in Biisi village.