Discoveries in Crete - Rough Road To Balos Beach

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Balos Beach & Lagoon have been listed as one of the TOP 10 Best Europe's Beaches in 2017 according to Trip Advisor. We didn't know that yet when planned our trip here with a rental car we took earlier this morning at Agia Marina beach.

This was indeed a beautiful trip, kind of reminded me the one we did about a year ago in Spain's region of Andalusia, see: In The Searches For El Torcal - Wilderness in SpainTorcal - Wilderness in Spain

Also, I should admit we didn't reach Balos beach after all, as the road to there was indeed rough, and once we were at the final parking space it turned out that we should walk for some 15-20 minutes more and there were zillions of tourists, idea didn't sound great, as there are plenty of more cool beaches in Crete and shortly before reaching destination, we turned our car back and returned back.

We started our drive to Balos beach from Mavros Molos Beach near Kissamos and navigated there by using Google Maps.

Gramvousa - Balos Peninsula

Entering Gramvousa - Balos Peninsula Protected area

Signboard saying:

Welcome to Gramvousa-Balos peninsula, natura protected area. We inform you, that as decided by the Municipality os Kisamos, and approved by the region of Crete, a toll fee 1 euro (per person) is collected for the purpose of guarding, maintenance and garbage disposal from the area. 

The above fee is collected at the entrance of the protected area, at 5 km.



A lot of goats on this road actually, steep climbing and pretty friendly, you can make a photo - not a problem

Rough road to Balos beach in Crete

Rough road to Balos beach in Crete

Ain't no fun driving here, complete offroad driving!

Almost there

Almost there

As you can see, there is a trail with a parking lot at the end of it, and a lot of cars there already. We turned back at this point.

35.584875, 23.595893