Dolma restaurant in Baku

Updated: 27 January, 2022 seen 446

Dolma restaurant is located on M.Rasulzada street 8 in Baku, this places serves typical Azerbaijani cuisine and is named as of the best Baku restaurants.

This  restaurant was a recommendation from a Tripadvisor, we got here from our hotel room in Flames Tower using Bolt Taxi application

At first, it was hard to find this place, as the restaurant is actually located in a basement, which actually is more like a dungeon

Restaurant Dolma in Baku

Restaurant Dolma in Baku

I barely noticed the signboard among the many other flashing lights in the city

Traditional Azerbaijani pilaf

Traditional Azerbaijani pilaf

Wow, that was really good one. Pilaf is served with apricots, chesnuts, raisins and meat. Spcies from East are used to flavor the taste. Yumm.


Dolma with a yoghurt sauce

If there is a reason to visit Azerbaijan, then it's because of Dolma. The best Dolma I've tried so far. And I love Dolma, even so much I like to prepare at Dolma, see: How to Prepare Traditional Dolma (Grape Leaves Roll)

They make it great at restaurant Dolma (apparently there is a reason restaurant is named after it)

Kebab at restaurant dolma

Kebab at restaurant dolma

You could order anything here, it tastes amazing.



The Bottom Line

There is a reason why restaurant Dolma is one of the most recommended places in Baku. Really great. Visited it on Early August 2019 in a company of three. Toddler-friendly, we got a baby chair for our 13-month-old baby girl. Our bill here about 40 AZN / 25 USD