I'm Making $0.98 Per Day By Mining Ethereum and Siacoin, and I want MORE!

The fans are spinning and graphics cards are heating, it has been 24 hours since I started mining Ethereum and Siacoin. And in these 24 hours, I've made $0.96.

Ok, in fact, there is just one fan spinning and just one RadeonRX 560 card, which I bought a couple of days ago in Tbilisi, and decided to test the mining process at one of our spare office computers, before details for my 12 GPU mining rig arrives.

I feel glad I was so impatient and rushed to perform a test, as while doing test setup I discovered a few bottlenecks and faced some issue, also I accidentally damaged one HDD while installing Graphics card on the motherboard.

My total investment for this experiment was about $187 for purchasing the graphics card, I didn't have to pay for other items, as I already had a free system to install this card on. I believe it could take up to 190 days or little more than 6 months to get my initial investment back.

  Hashing Power   Mined Coins Exchange Rates Earnings      
GPU ETH SC Invested ETH SC ETH SC ETH SC Total How many days
1 10.67 85.74 $187.00 0.00136945 2.63 $696.86 $0.01 $0.95 $0.03 $0.98 190.70

The graphics card used for this setup is a cheap Radeon RX 560 4GB card, producing about 10.67MH/s for Ethereum and 85.74MH/s for Siacoin dual - mining. I haven't performed any optimization yet, the numbers are straight out of the box, but I believe there is a room for about 10% improvement by overclocking BIOS.

For mining, I decided to use Simple Mining OS, run from a USB stick. SimpleMining comes with a cost - $2/mo per mining rig. Which is fair IMHO. In coming days I will make an article on how to mine ether on Simple Mining OS.

Now, as for 2017, I've been actively investing in stocks, peer to peer lending and of course in cryptocurrencies, mining ether seems second most profitable investment option after buying coins directly from exchanges. 

So far, peer to peer lending generates me a passive income of about $1.5 per day,  dividend payments in 2017 have generated on average about $0.82 per day in 2017. If combined all together it would make about $3.3 daily. Not bad. But here is one but:

My current (2017) stock dividend yield is ~5%, peer to peer lending ~ 8%, now when speaking about mining - I can see a yield of 50-100% in a year. Am, I happy with 5% dividend yield with stocks? Sure dude, anything above 3% seems more than inflation, 8% at peer to peer lending? Amazing, wish we could have such interest rates at savings accounts. 50-100%? Too good to be true, but I'm in!

As I'm still waiting for equipment for 12 GPU mining rig to arrive (in fact there should arrive one graphics card at about 22MH/s - next week) - I'm looking to increase daily and monthly return for mining to about $3 per day by the end of 2017.

If things will turn out bright - average daily revenue from mining operations should produce the highest daily average income from my investments portfolio.