New Asia is a Chinese restaurant located in Tbilisi on Griboedov street (just next to Rustaveli Avenue). The idea to visit this Chinese restaurant came spontaneous... you see - khinkali, khachapuri or barbecue... there are times you get sick and tired of them in Georgia.

So one of the alternatives is to visit some other type cuisine - and this time our choice was Chinese cuisine.

New Asia Restaurant in Tbilisi

Entrance at New Asia Restaurant in Tbilisi

For a surprise, the restaurant was full of people even on this Wednesday's evening. 

I decided to stick with something casual and ordered corn soup with egg for a starter:

Corn Soup at New Asia Restaurant

The soup come with some chips (I guess made from dough?)

And for a main course I chose shredded beef with vegetables in sweet and hot sauce:

Shredded beef with vegetables in sweet and hot sauce

We ordered chicken as well

Chicken in sweet sauce

I didn't made much photos of interior here, but overall it's pretty good

Interior at New Asia

In conclusion:

New Asia was one of the best finding this season and I will definitely come back here.

The overall cheque here was around GEL 60

Location & Map
Griboedov Tbilisi Georgia
Coordinates: 41.699551 44.795176