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Scythe VS String Trimmer (Then and Now)

May 30, 2016
About a year ago I had a chance to try out an old school tool called a scythe (back at these days, all I had at our newly inherited rural house). The grass were growing as crazy as it could, and I was left with no other option as to use what I have to fight back. My fight with grass have been personal...

Edward The Brushcutter AW-BC620TH Trimmer

May 12, 2016
Meet Edward, our newest team member to help us out in our home remodeling works. I first met Edward at local DEPO DIY store in Liepāja, Latvia. The sales person wanted me to buy  a Jasper, as Jasper was listed just under EUR 100. In my mind I had allocated about EUR 400 for a new brush cutter...

Pruning trees and shrubs

March 12, 2016
One of my biggest challenges last summer was unstoppable fight with grass (see: Lawn Mowing), not to mention larger scale works on roof replacement. But there was another major issue we faced - overgrown bushes and totally deprived landscape.  When dealing with trees and shrubs it's not only about landscape,...

Lawn mowing in the backyard territory

January 27, 2016
If you have been following home remodeling series on my blog you might tell I'm starting to repeat - another article on lawn mowing? Yes, another article on that.  After trying mowing grass with a scythe I just understood how hard it actually is and started to look for some more serious tools, and then trimmer...

Lawn Mowing with a Trimmer

October 20, 2015
Right, this post is like and extended version for my previous post in home remodeling series on lawn mowing with a scythe. After a tough fight with grass using old school tools like scythe it was enough for me. And I mean it - no more scythe for me. Having a house in rural Latvia teaches a very important lesson,...