Welcome to my second Germany's restaurant review. First one happened some 40 km South from Bonn in a lovely town of Andernach, back there I made a review about Italian style restaurant "Bellini".

First Flush Tea Room as it's name already suggests is more a tea room than a restaurant, but you can order some meal here as well.

First Flush Tea Room

This place is centrally located on Bonn's marketplace just next to Old Town Hall

Menu at First Flush Tea Room in Bonn

Porcelain cups at First Flush Tea Room

The thing is they are serving each tea in a different cup

Sugar-basin at First Flush Tea Room

Again, different sugar forms, staring small grains ending large ones. At first I thought it's some sea salt

Teapot at First Flush Tea Room

Each visitor is obligated to order a pot for himself, you are not allowed to share a pot here. Price for a teapot here is around EUR 7.00 and it's a lot of tea for person.

Real and delicious German sweets at First Flush Tea Room

The Bottom Line

First Flush Tea Room is centrally located in Bonn's marketplace right next to Old Town Hall. Although I'm not a fan of tea (I prefer coffee) this place indeed serves a great tea. The price seems a little bit too high (7EUR per pot) but it's a lively tourist place just in the heart of Bonn.

If you are a friend of little frippery, like porcelain cups, sure I can recommend First Flush Tea Room.

Visit official website: www.ff-tearoom.de (In German)

Location & Map
Markt 6 53115 Bonn Germany
Coordinates: 50.735320 7.103060