Fried Land Fast Food in Venice

Updated: 15 February, 2022 seen 551

After we finally arrived to Venice, settled up in our hotel room, it was still a few hours until New Year, we decided to locate some charming Venice restaurant, but they all either were fully booked or just looked suspicious, suddenly we noticed a small fast food shop, and I decided to take a look, so that's how we found Fried Land in Venice.

Huge was my surprise when searching for this places coordinates I found that on TripAdvisor Fried Land ranks #1 as Venice Restaurants (as on January 27, 2016) - Well, the explanation can be simple, the dude who prepared shaurmas for us, asked would we leave a review on TripAdvisor (and probably he has been asking it to all the rest folks visiting this place, and most probably that's the reason this place ranks so high, anyway - a good tip you can learn from this place, if you are an owner of small fast food shop and you're targeting your audience on TripAdvisor).

At Fried Land in Venice, Italy

We order two chicken kebabs and pasta with tuna fish, In total we paid about EUR 15. Don't get me wrong, this place is lovely and very affordable, but when it comes to the taste, nothing compares to kebabs you can get in Tbilisi (Shaurma Club on Tamapr Mephe) or noodles at Fire Wok

Menu at Fried Land

The great thing, this is very tourist friendly place, as menu items and staff speaks English. 

Fried Land in Venice, Italy

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